I create thoughtful interactive digital experiences at the intersection of tech, art, and design


Before finishing my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech I realized that developing video games was a rewarding means of expressing myself creatively through computer programming. Still a full-time student, I taught myself how to develop games using the Unity game engine between classes and eventually became a prominent member of my school's video game development club, contributing to the completion of multiple games every semester.

My ambition earned me a Master's degree in Computer Graphics and a gameplay programming position at the southeast's largest game studio, Hi-Rez Studios, working on the critically-acclaimed free-to-play MOBA, SMITE. I'm currently working in their incubator on Paladins, their upcoming game slated for release in late 2016.

Outside of Hi-Rez I continue to be productive working on old projects and new ones, finding inspiration in local artists and developers, exploring other media such as generative art and interactive installations, and honing my design and implementation skills.

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