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Before finishing my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech I realized that developing video games was a rewarding means of expressing myself creatively through computer programming. Still a full-time student, I taught myself how to develop games using the Unity game engine between classes and eventually became a prominent member of my school's video game development club, contributing to the completion of multiple games every semester.

My ambition earned me a Master's degree in Computer Graphics and a gameplay programming position at the southeast's largest game studio, Hi-Rez Studios, working on the critically-acclaimed free-to-play MOBA, SMITE. I'm currently working in their incubator on Paladins, their upcoming game slated for release in late 2016.

I left Hi-Rez Studios in January 2017 to pursue my artistic ambitions and develop my design skills independently.

In August 2017 I co-founded Into Outof Studio with my partner, Jessica Anderson, as a platform for our interactive digital installations.

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