thoughtful interactive digital experiences


A generative artist and creative coder from Atlanta with a background in video game development and computer graphics, my primary motivation is to engage with other people and nature in a conversation about the reality of our existence and shared consciousness. I want to expose the strange assumptions we all have about our selves, what we are, and the constructed barriers that separate us from each other and our environment.

My work, which is generally abstract and psychedelic, embodies the strange realizations I make as I discover what it is like to confront the illusory nature of our egos and need for self. My desire is to help others confront their own unique assumptions about perception and reality. I believe technology is a powerful tool for altering our perception in such a way that familiarizes people with altering their own perceptions in their own lives, for good. At the very least, I hope to encourage other people to play with their own subjective perception of reality and to open their minds to the perceptions of others.

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